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I want to change the world with you.

I know that our liberation is intimately intertwined. I believe that we can co-create a just and loving future together. 

Right here. Right now.

There is a path set just for you - let's walk it together. 

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I am
Melissa Anran Fan

Spiritual life coach. Expressive arts therapist. Integrative change worker. Collective liberation steward. Metaphysicist. Divine Channel.  ​


One of many names and many callings, I’m multifaceted. Just like you.​​

My work focuses on shaping change through decolonization, spirituality, and the healing arts.


I know that each of us has a calling within which if answered will bring all of us closer to the vision of a more just and loving world. I know that we often block this calling and connection with ourselves through outdated coping mechanisms, harmful inner voices, internalized oppression, and intergenerational trauma. I know that despite having all the insight about yourself and why you do the things you do, it can still be a struggle to change your behavior and your habits. 

I also know that it doesn't have to be that way. You can change your life and in doing so, you can change the world. Your vision for the future matters and we can manifest it together. 


I combine traditional ancestral practices with the latest neuroscience to clear the channel within you so that you can live in embodied spiritual alignment, allowing you to enact deeply impactful internal and external change in the world. Our work together is fundamentally relational - transformation happens in relationship with each other, with yourself, with your loved ones, with your community, and with the earth.

Influences and foremothers to my work: emergent strategy, buddhism, abolition, quantum physics and quantum entanglement, the field of epigenetics, revolutionary motherhood, love as a verb, connection to nature, and years of community organizing and grassroots activism in service of justice and liberation for all.


California Institute of Integral Studies

M.A. in Counseling Psychology – Expressive Arts Therapy


California Institute of Integral Studies

B.A. in Integral Studies – Social Justice and Creative Writing


  • 2 years experience working as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in community mental health settings

  • Ecopsychology Intensive - California Institute of Integral Studies

  • Somatic Therapy Intensive - California Institute of Integral Studies

  • Community Grief Rituals - Sobonfu Somé

  • Integrative Change Work Certification - Ethical Coaching Collective

  • Community Leadership Development Certification - Asian American Justice and Innovation Lab

  • Positive Intelligence Quotient Coach Training

About You

You believe in the vision of collective liberation.

You know that each of us has a sacred role to play in moving us toward a loving and just future. 

You know that how you show up in the world ripples out like a fractal. 


You want to live in alignment with your beliefs in every aspect of your life. 


But something is stopping you from fully realizing the dream.


Maybe it’s your childhood stories stuck in your body that won’t let you move forward.


Maybe it’s cultural trauma passed down through generations as outdated coping mechanisms that are now holding you back.


Maybe it’s the internalized narratives of white supremacy, cis hetero patriarchy, capitalism, colonialism, ableism, fatphobia, or any other system of oppression that is continuously telling you you’re not enough or your dreams are too big.


Maybe it’s just a general feeling in your body that you can’t even quite name. You just know those habituated somatic patterns aren't working for you anymore and you want to change. 


Maybe it’s all of it, mixed together into one big overwhelming block that just won’t move, no matter how much talk therapy you’ve been to or how many self help books you’ve read.


It doesn’t have to be that way. 


There is another way of being and I can help you get there.

Image by Jake Weirick

“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.”

- Angela Davis

My clients tend to be women and nonbinary BIPOC change makers, activists, healers, artists, therapists, coaches, entrepreneurs, and multifaceted, multi-passionate people who are working toward making the world a better place. 


Some of the things my clients and I have explored in our work together:

  • Shifting away from experiences of anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and states of chronic dysregulation

  • Unlearning, deconditioning, decolonizing, and clearing out imprints from internalized oppression (white supremacy, fatphobia, capitalism, cis hetero patriarchy, ableism, ageism, colonialism, etc.)

  • Shifting into alignment and living in congruence with justice-oriented values in every part of your life

  • Deepening the connection to your ancestors and/or your culture, including navigating through:

    • Intergenerational trauma and intergenerational resilience

    • Diaspora blues and blessings

    • Cultural differences within your family

    • The effects of cultural and historical events in your personal life

  • Spirituality

    • Including spiritual practices and rituals, spiritual contracts and bonds, your spiritual body, past lives, spiritual callings

    • Connecting to your intuition and body as a spiritual channel

  • Becoming more embodied 

    • Connecting to pleasure and joy​

    • Developing a deeper relationship with your emotions 

    • Learning how to work with the natural cycles of the body (hormonal and/or seasonal)


Individual Coaching

  • Includes weekly coaching and email/text support 

  • 60min sessions

  • Virtual or in person (in the East Bay, CA)



Sliding scale: $111, 222, 333


$111 -  Receiving community care level

At this level, you receive some financial support from me and from the wider community in order to change your life. You receive this offering of community care with the mindset of “I need financial support to achieve my goals in life and I’m worthy of receiving care and love in this manner”. You also acknowledge that receiving care is a spiritual contract to one day offer care when you can. 


$222 - Reciprocity level

This level reflects the true financial cost of my current individual coaching offering, based on my education, training, and experience. You choose this level knowing that we enter into a reciprocal relationship through this exchange. 


$333 - Community interdependence level

At this level, you are supporting others in their liberation work, knowing that we are all connected. You choose this level knowing that what you offer will come back to you, with the mindset of “I freely offer financial support to those who need it, knowing that my liberation is bound up in the liberation of all”. 


I have given away over $11,000 in individual coaching sessions to over 40 different people in 2023 alone. Choosing to support at the ‘community interdependence’ level allows me to continue offering my work for free to those who need it. 


I reserve no fee spots for BIPOC, lgbtq+, or otherwise marginalized folks who are experiencing significant financial hardship. If you are feeling called to work with me but don’t have the ability to pay, please reach out to me. 

Group Coaching & Workshops

I work with groups on an ongoing basis and also offer standalone workshops. 


Examples of ongoing group work:

  • helping build proactive, generative conflict processes

  • creating group cultures oriented toward care and mutuality 

  • unlearning dominant models of relational hierarchy to create beloved community

  • 'Parenting toward Liberation' - this was an 8 week group for parents interested in being in inquiry together around parenting as liberatory praxis

  • creating self sustaining peer/affinity groups 

Examples of previous standalone workshops:

  • intro to nervous system regulation

  • moving toward generative conflict

  • calling in spiritual guides for support

  • embodiment tools for liberation

My fee for group coaching and workshops varies. Please contact me to discuss fee. 

Image by Jake Weirick

"A revolution that is based on the people exercising their creativity in the midst of devastation is one of the great historical contributions of humankind."

- Grace Lee Boggs

Jean Baptiste M. L.

Paris, France

"I am so grateful for our session, it was beautiful and truly transformational! Your presence was everything, it felt really liberating to share my story and to see you witness it. 


Since the session I’ve noticed a shift, I’m feeling more resourceful & congruent. It feels amazing. Thank you for creating this space, thank you for your presence and your kindness & thank you for this transformational session!"

Althea N.

Massachusetts, USA

"Our session was such a warm invitation back towards self-trust. I am smiling now just thinking of it! You brought me to a profound shift that is almost confusing now, because I am struggling to remember the anxiety I was feeling. A beautiful shift, and one that will have immense ripple effects that I cannot even imagine moving forward into the future. Thank you SO MUCH Melissa! I am singing your praises over here!"  

Liana H.

San Francisco, CA, USA

"Creating change and multiverse jumping with Melissa was transformative and cathartic. I had visions of myself and my future that I never accessed before even with years of therapy. Working with Melissa granted me entry to more self compassion and gentleness with myself and the process. 


I would recommend coaching with Melissa for anyone who feels stuck or at a crossroads and would like someone to witness and walk alongside them. You won’t regret it!"

Image by Mark Basarab

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